5 Steps to Making a (Job) Offer They Can’t Refuse

You’ve reviewed reams of resumes, performed comprehensive skills tests, conducted thorough interviews, and checked candidate references. Finally, you’ve found the perfect person to join your organization. Congratulations!

However, you haven’t made it into the end zone yet. It’s time to make the job offer – and you don’t want to fumble at the 2-yard line. Here are 5 steps for making sure that process goes smoothly and successfully.

  1. Know where the job market stands. It’s critical to do research on the going rate for salary, benefits, and other elements of the compensation package. You have to be in line with the pay scale for your market and your industry. Being competitive is the bare minimum; if you’ve found an exceptional candidate, you may have to do even better.
  1. Know who determines the compensation package. This can vary depending on the size of the company, its status as a for-profit or nonprofit, or by industry. Whether the decision on salary and benefits is a function of HR, the department head, someone at the VP level, or even the CEO, be sure the appropriate parties are on board and have signed off before an offer is made.
  1. Know who makes the job offer. This may sound simple but again, different organizations handle job offers differently. Some designate the HR team, others prefer it come from the department head, and some may take a different approach. However your company chooses to make the job offer, be sure that everyone is on the same page.
  1. The job offer should be welcoming. You’re not only asking a person to join your organization; you’re asking them to change their daily routine, to embark on a new role with new colleagues, and to take a leap of faith that you’re the right place to do it. It’s important to show some emotion when making the job offer – let the candidate know they are valued and welcomed right from the start.
  1. Start the onboarding process immediately. Once a new employee accepts a job offer, the onboarding process should kick into gear right away. Don’t make the mistake of going silent until they start. Keep your new employee engaged so they feel confident and motivated to hit the ground running on day one.

When handled properly, the job offer can give an employee a positive first impression of your organization, and get them excited about joining you. That upbeat experience will translate to a happier, more productive employee that’s more likely to stay with the company.

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About the Author

Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

Miriam is all in when it comes to doing whatever she can to help the Capital District grow and thrive. She is passionate about helping talented professionals find the right job and her work in the community is focused on furthering our area as a center of economic vitality. Miriam likes to garden and care for her pets. She is a member of an adult-only skate group where she rollerblades every week. She loves the Mets! And she is obsessed with vacuum cleaners; she really likes to vacuum and has 6 right now.