5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters: Take a ‘CAN DO’ Approach in 2022

The new year has dawned, and it offers a chance to start with a clean slate, often guided by New Year’s resolutions that aim to move us in a positive direction. From shedding a few pounds or stepping up an exercise program, to learning a new hobby or improving work-life balance, now is a time when many people have lofty goals for the year ahead.

For recruiters, the start of 2022 comes with high hopes that the extraordinary hiring challenges affecting nearly every industry will begin to subside. Unfortunately, based on the input of hiring and human resource managers surveyed for our exclusive Alaant Hiring Index, that’s not likely to be the case.

Given that reality, recruiters need to take a fresh approach to attracting and acquiring the skilled professionals their organizations need to fuel productivity and profitability. Here are 5 resolutions designed to foster a “CAN DO” attitude and approach for solving the hiring conundrum in the new year. 

1) C is for Candidate Experience. In order to stand out from the competition, your company needs to give candidates a top-notch experience, from the time they first see a job opening. That means providing a clear and accurate job description, simplifying the application, and communicating early and often with candidates. Does that sound like your organization’s candidate experience? If not, it’s time to improve it.

2) A is for Accelerate the hiring process. To be effective, the hiring process must be seamless and efficient. Applications should be reviewed promptly, candidates contacted in a timely manner, interviews expedited, and a selection made without undue delay. The current job market is proof positive that when it comes to landing great candidates, “If you snooze, you lose.”

3) N is for Network. As you meet and interact with fellow professionals, keep in mind they could be your next great employees. Getting to know them even before they apply for a role with your organization is a huge advantage. By the way, in-person networking is wonderful, but it can also be done quite well on a virtual basis, as we’ve learned during the pandemic. There’s no excuse for not getting out there and connecting with colleagues. 

4) D is for Diversity. It should go without saying that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential pieces in the recruiting process. Top talent comes in all races, genders, ages, diverse abilities, and more. Even better, creating a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and viewpoints will strengthen the entire organization, and isn’t that the goal of every hire?

5) O is for Outreach. Getting involved in your community has always been the right thing to do. At the same time, being a good corporate citizen can also be a strong lure to attract like-minded candidates. Similarly, by raising your social media presence, you can showcase a positive culture, and build your brand as a place where people want to work. 

While the difficult recruiting environment will persist in 2022, the power of a “CAN DO” mindset and action plan can make a significant difference. Alaant’s experts are well-versed in each of these areas, and ready to help your organization meet the challenges in the new year. Want to learn more? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

About the Author

Tom Schin Director, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Tom SchinDirector, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services

When he’s not working, Tom is an avid board game enthusiast, from Catan to Canasta, who makes sure game night is fun for everyone (even though they’ll probably lose). He’s also fond of celebrating his status as a child of the ‘80s by watching Star Wars, listening to U2, and reminiscing about his (gone-but-not-forgotten) Andre Agassi haircut.