Is the Cover Letter Dead? YES!
3 Reasons it’s Not Important

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Yes, it’s true the cover letter has become passé in today’s fast-paced, digital-focused world. Read on for 3 reasons why it’s no longer necessary in most cases.

1. Cover Letters are Dead

On average, recruiters, hiring managers and human resource managers take less than 10 seconds to read your resume. Often, they bypass the cover letter because they tend to be redundant stating who you are and why they should hire you. They are more interested in what you have done, which they find in a quick read through (keyword search) of your resume.

2. The Job Search Has Gone Digital

Job searching has changed so much that 84% of employers use social media, networking and referrals to find the qualified applicants they are looking for—no cover letter needed—just be sure your public profiles are searchable and have strong content. 

3. Cover Letter IRL

Corporate and search firm recruiters and HR professionals prescreen and interview applicants, before they are sent to the hiring manager. Essentially, they are your verbal cover letter. Recruiters can talk about you and your skills and represent you in so many more appealing ways than a cover letter ever did. We give your resume a voice, which will make you stand out.

But…here’s where it still matters.

If you see a job posting and the posting clearly states send a resume and cover letter, then write and send the letter. It means the employer is seeking something, it could be as simple as: Did you follow the instructions? Or, maybe they are looking to see how strong your writing skills are. 

If no letter is required, then take the time to make sure your resume clearly shows what talents and skills you have to offer.  alaant workforce solutions

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