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Alaant Top Talent Network

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Information Technology

  • Brett - Data/Statistical Analysis

    • Personable, task-oriented and dependable
    • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
    • Experience verifying plots and maps for tech co.
    • Ensured accuracy of address in mapping software 
    • Responsible for ensuring financial documentation was accurate 
    • Familiar with Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Probability and Analysis
    • Familiar with R & Python
    • Experience collaborating with a team
    • Comfortable navigating through multiple databases
    • Enjoys making a difference in the community and knowing that he is helping people
  • Christopher - Director of Engineering / Senior Architect

    • Experienced in a Director of Engineering and Senior Architect role
    • Experience in implementing process improvement initiatives
    • Experience working with both internal and external stakeholders
    • Experienced leading and growing teams
    • Experience with managing applications for clients
    • Tools: Git, Microsoft Project, Atlassian Suite, Trac, Visual Studio, Dia, Postgresql, SQL Server, SQLite, AngularJs, IntelliJ
    • Languages: Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, XML, JSON, SQL, C, C++, PowerShell, Python, R, Bash, Perl, Tcl
  • Donna - Senior Software Application Engineer

    • Wonderful personality!
    • Significant experience working at all levels from entry level to corporate VP
    • Experienced leading a team
    • In depth experience with database management
    • Experience working in client facing environments
    • Experience working with developers and QA teams
    • Experience in agile environment
    • Experience with both manual and automation testing
    • Experience with SQL, Tableau
    • Looking to bring her skillset where she can make a positive impact
  • Jason - Senior Software Engineer

    • Experienced Senior Software Engineer
    • Experienced working with various teams
    • Experienced with Microsoft products
    • Experienced with peer code reviews and creating best practices
    • Experienced with daily stand ups
    • Experienced with C#, .Net, .Net Core, Web API, SQL Server, Cloud, AWS, and AZURE
    • Experienced with Microservices
    • Experienced in Agile methodologies
    • Experienced with Database Design
    • Worked to fix application bugs and prioritize new features
    • Very passionate about building solid code and being part of a great company
  • Lesley – IT Project Manager/Implementation Specialist

    • Great personality and energy
    • Strong experience in client facing role managing projects/orders
    • Experience leading a team
    • Worked with all levels from entry level to VP of company
    • Experience with implementation (project management) side
    • Worked with project teams to ensure software platform is at optimal state
    • Worked with client calls and rectifying any issues
    • Created reports with data on membership activity and new initiatives
    • Looking for a role where she can make a big impact
  • Paul - Data Analyst

    • Professional, well-spoken and analytical
    • Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics
    • Coursework includes: Design of Experiments, Data Hypothesis, Applied Time Series and Algebra
    • Experience reviewing data from databases to determine tests
    • Categorized information based on testing and experiment
    • Familiarity with R, Python, MiniTab and JavaScript
    • Experience with Excel, matrices and data analysis tools
    • Looking to get his foot in the door with an organization and build his skillset
    • He is interested in entry level data analytics or processing
  • Lori - Software Application Analyst / Sr. System Administrator

    • Truly enjoys her work and is motivated by working with others and being able to solve issues
    • Managed a team of 7 regarding and software integrations/projects
    • Led various projects and software implementations along with a large-scale software integration system
    • Responsible for sending out ad-hoc reports at month end to ensure everything is reconciled on the finance side and information sent to physicians
    • Ensured policies & procedures and proper documentation compliance measures were met
    • Worked cross-functionally to support various departments
    • Experience with Windows XP, MS Word, Excel, ACCESS, Project Visio, Crystal Reports XI, Adobe, Surgical Information Systems (SIS), Soarian Financials, Soarian EDM/eHIM, Cerner MedSeries, FormFast, Wolters Kluwer ProvationMD
  • Ben - Programmer

    • Very passionate about programming
    • Experience using VBA, Access, SQL, queries, databases (daily)
    • Experience pulling data and creating reports or ad-hoc reports
    • Experience design and building applications based on need and maintenance
    • Experience creating training documentation and policy and procedures
    • Experience with cross-platform automation and creating repositories
    • Fluent in VBA Scripting, SQL, MS DOS, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, I Series (AS400), Cognos, Netsuite, Adobe-PhotoShop, Illustrator, CS 5.5, Acrobat and Type Manager, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, G Suite programs
    • Looking to stay in the programming field and make a positive impact with a company
  • Daniel - Business/Data Analyst

    • Very well spoken and energetic Business/Data Analyst
    • Fell in love with technology and data analysis while working as a Credit Operations Analyst
    • Experience with Visual Basic Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access, SQL
    • Built proprietary lending system with VBA
    • Created queries/manage database
    • Worked cross-functionally with teams addressing concerns at daily stand up meetings
    • Collected data to create KPI analytics reports for all levels of management
    • Experience with documentation and compliance measures
  • Garrett - Systems Engineer/Programmer

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (while working full time)
    • Created Git repository and shell bindings for Rest APIs with integrations to highly available solutions
    • Created proof of concepts for requests with new web servers using Chef
    • Worked on any bugs that may be identified
    • Experience with vanilla Kubernetes to ensure load balancing and building a scalable infrastructure
    • Experience with various platforms and building out architecture platforms
    • Experienced with AWS cloud and Microsoft cloud deployments that involve hybrid Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365.
    • Expert in a variety of object-oriented, scripting, and data manipulation languages that include PowerShell, Bash, C#, VB.NET, and T-SQL.
    • Experience with various languages:
      • Pre-basic, Program Note Pad, C, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python and most recently Golang
  • Frank - Application/Web Developer (.Net)

    • Loves what he does and being be part of a development team
    • Front and back end development (web, mobile, applications, software, SaaS)
    • Involved in all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC)
    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
    • Heavy Agile environments (2 years)
    • Automation testing through Dynamo AWS code pipeline
    • .Net/C# 3.5 years (uses daily)
    • React 3 years (uses daily)
    • DevOps (2 years)
    • AWS Cloud (3 years)(daily)
    • MS SQL (3 years)/ MySQL (4 years)
    • Rest API 4 years
    • Web API (4 years)
    • Git (5 years)
  • Christa – Project Manager / Scrum Master

    • Project Management and QA Engineer experience working with a variety of teams and streamlined projects focusing on software from a global perspective.
    • Worked from beginning middle and end phase of the projects and would ensure budgets and timing were being met.
    • QA Engineering experience testing software, working to create and design master test plans, identifying any bottlenecks and overseeing any escalations and troubleshooting to rectify in a timely manner.
    • Experienced with Cloud Platforms.
    • Over saw multiple projects in software applications.
    • Managed development teams.
    • Managed projects and identified potential risks.
    • Experienced ScrumMaster.
    • Eager to be part of an organization and make a positive impact.


  • Rachel – Administrative/Office Support

    • Recent graduate with a bachelor’s in health administration
    • Passionate, loyal and a fast learner
    • Experience authorizing insurance information, confirming patient information and identifying discrepancies
    • Responsible for intake and facilitation of calls 
    • Reviewed grant proposal information and researched benefits and costs to program
    • Pre-screened patients and entered their confidential information into database
    • Experience tracking orders and maintaining fulfillment in a timely fashion 
    • Interested in an entry level clerical/administrative support role
    • Would love to work with a hands-on team
  • Michael – Administrative/Finance Assistant

    • Recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in finance
    • Experience reviewing accounts for accuracy and discrepancies 
    • Tracked and updated information in Access Database
    • Compiled data and reported information to team 
    • Utilized calendar to coordinate meetings 
    • Experience working with clientele and customers
    • Microsoft Office Proficient including Word, Excel, and Access
    • Interested in a role that will be challenging, allow him to grow, and collaborate with others
  • Alexis – Administrative & Marketing Communications Assistant

    • Poised, well-spoken and a sweet personality
    • Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology
    • Enjoys creating content and writing/editing documentation
    • Created flyers, outreach materials, and contracts (regulated by NYS)
    • Responsible for updating contracts to compliance guidelines
    • Experience filing, scanning and logging appointments in a professional office
    • Maintained confidentiality
    • Experience verifying information in Excel
    • Reviewed and edited documentation
    • Presented dashboards and research findings
    • Looking to build her skillset in her first role out of college
  • Tonya – Administrative Assistant

    • Professional, personable and poised
    • Bachelor’s degree in Arts
    • Experience reviewing policies and updating documents with newly approved materials
    • Maintained daily and weekly reporting and tracking via excel
    • Responsible for creating document packets, presentations, and data analysis for managers 
    • Strong attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced environment
    • Designed and implemented project tracking and timeline sheets
    • Distributed minutes to external/internal departments
    • Microsoft Office Proficient (Excel, Outlook, Word)
    • Interested in an administrative opportunity where she can continue to grow
  • Tina – Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

    • Very personable!
    • Enjoys working in fast paced roles and with all levels of clients
    • Great experience in Office Management and Administrative Assistance
    • Experience in client facing setting with phones/scheduling appointments and travel arrangements
    • Coordinated and set up for conferences
    • Contract negotiations and working with outside vendors
    • Currently runs her own business and is looking for a steadier role
  • Devon – Medical Office Assistant

    • Outgoing personality with a true passion for the medical field
    • Medical Office Assistant Certification
    • Currently studying online for bachelor’s degree
    • Experience scheduling/rescheduling patient appointments for 7 different doctors 
    • Experience coordinating with staff to prioritize visits based on patient needs 
    • Trained on phone and visit triaging 
    • Regularly communicates with both patients and providers to verify insurance coverage
    • Required to maintain full confidentiality of sensitive patient documentation 
    • Comfortable taking patient calls and assisting with questions when necessary 
    • Currently living in Pittsfield, MA and looking to relocate to Albany, NY
  • Colleen - Administrative Professional

    • Professional administrative candidate who brings 10+ years’ experience
    • Warm and welcoming attitude
    • Tracked information in Excel as an HR Coordinator and Staffing Associate
    • Ensured compliance was met for employers
    • Updated account information for employees and contractors
    • Created offer letters and performed detail-oriented work
    • Handled confidential and personal information
    • Created reports for managers
    • Experienced with HR support
    • Looking for a new administrative position where she can support an office


  • Claire – Biochemistry/Science Professional

    • Has a passion for the sciences and loves working in a lab setting
    • Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry
    • Familiar with Cell Culturing, Aseptic Technique, Chromatography, Sample Collection, ELISA, PCR, and Protein Purification
    • Ensured waste and inventory was labelled and disposed properly
    • Assisted in creation of online paper tracking system and transferred paper docs to electronic
    • Experience verifying calibration of instruments prior to use
    • Created SOPs
    • Organized data and results into report
    • Looking for a new position that will allow her to grow and collaborate with a team
  • Michael – Science/Data Professional

    • Recent graduate who is very passionate about the science field!
    • Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science and a Minor in Math
    • Experience working with statewide data to ensure accuracy
    • Performed quality control by reviewing data for errors
    • Record updates in system reports for weather stations throughout NY
    • Assist technicians by accessing data for real-time updates
    • Comfortable with programming including Python
    • Performed data analysis for a local TV station to assist with reports
  • Christina - Biology/Lab Professional

    • Extremely professional and poised
    • Brings knowledge in laboratory and data from her student research and undergraduate experiences
    • Bachelor’s degree in Biology
    • Familiar with pipets, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, DNA transformation and isolation, cell culturing and aseptic technique
    • Experience managing spreadsheets, work orders, and any customer questions
    • Reviewed lab documents for any discrepancies 
    • Assisted students with in-depth help/questions with homework and labs
    • Created graphs and charts to showcase lab information
    • A great addition to any team!
    • Looking to get out of the hospital healthcare setting and be in a more scientific and research atmosphere
    • Open to both lab and admin-based positions
  • Taylor - Life Sciences Professional

    • Very polished and professional with impressive experiences and skills
    • Masters of Science in Biophysics and Medical Physiology
      • Bachelors of Science in Biology
    • Comfortable with many lab skills including cell culturing, western blot, PCR, protein purification, electrophoresis, and more
    • Served as a research assistant at the RNA Institute to study microRNAs and epigenetics 
    • Performed statistical analysis and collected and documented data from research
    • Worked in a hospital to collect patient specimens and document patients health following standards and protocol
    • Achieved CITI training certificates for various realms including Biosafety 
  • Matthew – Biology Professional

    • Passionate about sciences and looking to gain experience in the field
    • Bachelor’s degree in Biology (graduating May 2020)
      • Coursework includes: Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Methods of Biotechnology, Cell Culturing and PCR
      • Familiar with cGMP and SOPs
    • Experience preparing blood and urine samples for testing
    • Cleaned machines and organized inventory for animal hospital
    • Gathered soil sample, combined with water, placed on agar plate, and concluded results based on what grew on plates
    • Transferred samples from syringes to vials for testing
    • Prepared laboratory documentation
    • Loves making a difference and helping the community
    • Enjoys being a part of a team environment and is excited to learn more
  • Bailey – Science/Environmental Professional

    • Personable, poised and dedicated
    • Loves helping people and seeing the end result in a task
    • Experience collecting/analyzing samples in field including water, soil and pH samples
    • Performed labeling and cleaning of lab equipment
    • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability
      • Coursework includes: Biology, Geology, Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, and more
    • Experience monitoring the flow of procedures in school office
      • Created timelines, managed confidential paperwork, and directed incoming calls
    • Researched sustainability in different counties and organized findings to create energy plan
    • Experience review data samples and charts – transcribing results
    • Maintained cleanliness of lab environment
    • Interested in a science position that will challenge her and offers work life balance
  • Dhimiter – Biology/Physics Professional

    • Recent graduate with bachelors of Science in Biology and Physics
    • Great experience performing research in the lab
    • Very passionate about quality of work
    • Performed research on artificial photosynthesis
    • Familiar with many lab techniques including various types of spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, PCR, bacteria culturing, recombinant and synthetic DNA construction, and more
    • Served as a research intern for several years
    • Synthesized and characterized a model using FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy
    • Seeking to begin his science career in a lab role
  • Roberto – Scientific Lab Professional

    • An enthusiastic and knowledgeable candidate
    • He is very professional and passionate about his studies!
    • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a Minor in Chemistry (May 2020)
    • Coursework includes Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomonitoring and Electrophysiology, and Biomechanics
    • Performed research and literature review for detecting circulating RNA from HIV
    • Used sequencing tools and graphing software as an assistant researcher
    • Performed dissection on human cadavers and instructed students in the lab
    • Responsible for sterilizing lab and equipment
    • Completed dry lab work by using a simulation package to simulate cell membrane fusion at different cholesterol concentrations
    • Very comfortable and experience with both wet lab and dry lab work and research
  • Simi - Chemistry Professional

    • Friendly and engaging personality with a true passion for the science field
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Masters of Science in Chemistry (May 2020)
    • Conducts gel electrophoresis, centrifugation, and protein purification
    • Prepares cell cultures and familiar with PCR
    • Experience with proper lab documentation and following procedures
    • Served as a Computational Chemistry Research Assistant
    • Performed molecular dynamics simulation
    • Developed enhanced sampling molecular dynamics protocol
    • Experience presenting research at conferences to peers, professors, and companies
    • Analyzed food samples for toxins and added chemicals to extract compounds for the Wadsworth Lab
    • A great addition to any team with her knowledge and continued dedication to learning!
    • Looking for a lab-based or computational role focusing on chemistry
  • Timothy - Process Sciences/ Chemical Engineering Professional

    • Professional, personable and well-spoken.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (Graduating in May 2020)
      • Project that produced hydrogen, ran current through water and extracted hydrogen to fuel cell produced energy
      • Familiar with distillation columns, separation and sensitivity analysis
    • Experience delivering detailed results of tick samples to customers
      • Individuals would send in samples for testing and he would interpret data to customers over phone and via email
      • Prepare samples for lab team
      • Calibrate instruments prior to use
    • Created a gas chromatograph out of old parts and overall goal was catalysis research
      • Analyzed peak time and retention time of compounds
    • Experience managing a team and delegating tasks – presented findings on behalf of group in proposal and data
    • Familiar with root cause analysis
    • Interested in a hands-on position where he can build a career


  • Alana - Senior Finance Manager/Finance Director

    • Great personality and offers a fantastic skillset!
    • Experience in Finance role
    • Experience working at all level’s upper management, finance team and vendors
    • Experience reviewing financial reports to ensure compliance
    • Experience creating and maintaining various financial reports
    • Experience with expense saving initiatives rollouts
    • Experience working as a lead on teams for implementations
    • Experience with financial budgets and KPI’s to support companies’ vision
  • Andi - Staff Accountant

    • Great personality and very passionate about her work!
    • Master’s in Accounting
    • Experience with general ledger
    • Experience with journal entries
    • Experience with 1099, payroll tax, rent expense, medical accounts
    • Experience with financial statements
    • Experience with data analysis and various reports
    • Experience with account reconciliations
    • Experience with auditing
    • Experience implementing a new software install
  • Kristina – Director of Finance

    • Bachelor’s degree in accounting and holds her CPA
    • Experience managing teams
    • Experience creating maintain financial budgets, including annual budgeting reports to upper management and board of directors.
    • Experience with A/P, A/R, GL, bank reconciliations, payroll
    • Experience with month end close and monthly financial analysis reports
    • Experience working with banks on various loans and managing that compliance reporting process.
    • Experience with policies and procedures, compliance audit guidelines
    • Experience with internal and external stakeholders
    • Experience with cashflow management, expense allocations
    • Microsoft Excel, Word, QuickBooks, Ellucian Colleague (Higher Ed), Great Plains, Synoptix and ProSystem FX Engagement
    • Thrives in having the ability to grow and mentor her staff
  • John – Controller/Director of Accounting

    • Great personality!
    • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and Information Systems
    • Experience leading teams
    • Experience working with C-Level executives
    • Experience with strategic planning with upper management
    • Experience building budgets and financial reports
    • Experience with payroll, bank reconciliation, general ledger, audit, compliance
    • Experience working on various projects within the state and non-profits
    • Loves the people side and teaching them to grow and develop in role
    • Experience working with large excel files compiling all kinds of data
    • Looking for a collaborative environment where he can make a positive impact to the organization
  • Michael - Director of Finance

    • Bachelor’s degree in accounting and holds his master’s in business Intelligence & Analytics and master’s in business administration
    • Experience building out financial forecast, reviewing with upper management and looking at financials from a 13-week average and developed predictive modes for sales improvement
    • Experience with GL, AP, AR, payroll, daily cash flow
    • Experience with audits and compliance measures
    • Experience reviewing sales tax and audits
    • Experience leading teams
    • Thrives in looking at data for process improvements and forecasting
  • Dylan - Accounting Manager / Assistant Controller

    • Experience working directly with upper management
    • Bachelor in Accounting
    • Experience working with AP/AR, bank reconciliations
    • Experience with GL, JE
    • Experience with Payroll, 401-K, benefits and taxes, auditing
    • Experience with monthly, quarterly and year end close
    • Experience with various financial reporting
    • Experience with accounting software implementation
    • Experience with QuickBooks, Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, AJERA
    • Thrives in a collaborative environment
  • Tanya – Director of Finance

    • Fantastic personality!
    • MBA
    • Significant data analysis and reporting
    • Experience building large scale budgets for 5 group Presidents
    • Experienced working with cross-functional teams
    • Experience with GL, AP, AR, Payroll, JE
    • Experience with compliance
    • Experience with P & L
    • Experience with cost allocations
    • Experience with Oracle, Excel, Essbase and PeopleSoft
    • Looking to work with a great team, be a positive mentor to staff
  • Thomas – Accounting Manager

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Experience managing a team
    • Experienced working directly with upper management
    • Experience with budgeting and forecasting
    • Experience with GL, AP, AR, Payroll, bank reconciliation
    • Experience with data analysis
    • Experience with various reports
    • Looking for a role that will continue to challenge him and grow his skillset
  • Charles - Controller/Director of Finance

    • Experienced Controller/ Director of Finance
    • Experience working with both internal and external stakeholders
    • Experienced creating budgeting and forecast, strategic planning
    • Experience leading teams
    • Experience with GL, AP, AR, Payroll, JE, Bank reconciliations
    • Experience with compliance policies and procedures
    • Experience with process improvement initiatives
    • Looking for an opportunity with a stable company and help where needed
  • Amanda - Accountant/Controller

    • Recently promoted from Assistant Controller to Controller
    • Loves being a part of a team
    • worked directly with various departments and the CEO for reports
    • Bachelor’s degree in accounting
    • Experienced leading a team
    • Experienced with heavy reporting and analysis
    • Experience with GL, JE, AR/AP, Payroll, Bank Reconciliations, taxes (sales), Monthly close
    • Experienced with acquisitions/significant documentation and compliance
    • Experienced with the review of several financial statements including multiple lines of business
  • Michael – Financial Analyst

    • Experience working directly under EVP’s and CFO
    • Experience presenting to upper management and board members
    • Experience creating and maintaining data tables
    • Experience with forecasting long term 2-5 years out from a company health perspective
    • Experience with accounting duties such as general ledger, month close, reconciliation, income securities portfolio
    • Prepared and presented quarterly analysis for senior team and board of managers that included a $5 billion balance sheet.
  • Amanda - Accounting Manager

    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
    • Led a team of 7 and 17 clients with over 70 venture capital funds
    • Worked in a client-facing role and directly with audit teams
    • Heavy reporting using excel and ad hoc
    • Experience with 1099’s, venture capital funds, general ledger (GL), quarterly financial statements, signs off on all statements, compliance, and forecasting
    • Versed in QuickBooks, SunGard Investran, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher
    • Always looking at streamlining and improving processes
  • Don - Accountant

    • Brings a great mix of public and in-house accounting experience
    • A true passion for accounting
    • Associate’s in Accounting & Occupational Studies
    • Experience’s include:
      • General Ledger/Journaling
      • Payroll (ADP)(COBRA)(taxes)(401K)
      • Reconciliation
      • Bank deposits
      • Reports
      • Taxes (quarterly)(state & federal) & Audits
      • Cash flow analysis
      • Year-end closings
    • Looking for stability in next role
  • Rebecca - Staff Accountant

    • Handled accounts payable/receivable, payroll and monthly billing reconciliations
    • Assisted with financial statements, budget forecasting and prepared yearly 1099 for vendors
    • Updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training manuals
    • Implemented large scale inventory management software system
    • Currently enrolled to finish her bachelor’s degree in accounting

Other Professional Areas

  • Carissa – Community Outreach/Admissions Coordinator

    • Awesome personality!
    • Poised, professional and will give 110% to her work
    • Thrives in a fast-paced environment
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Experience managing and creating reports via Excel
    • Handled application process, documentation and filing procedures and ensures spreadsheet accountability is up to date
    • Responsible for updating documentation 
    • Attending career fairs, high school presentations, and client drop offs
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Experience assisting Director of Admissions 
    • Looking for an outreach and administration role that allows her to grow her skillset
  • Joe – B2B Sales Professional

    • Great personality!
    • Bachelor and MBA in a week (finalized)
    • Experience being a team leader on and off the baseball field was team captain
    • Experience selling specialized products each week to increase sales
    • Experience assisting in the school admissions assisting with recruitment from a college student to prospect student
    • Strong communication skills
    • Eager to get into a great company and follow his passion
  • Daniel – Sales Professional

    • Experience in sales environment
    • Experience growing his book of business
    • Experience working directly with customers, gain referrals due to repeat business
    • Strong communication
    • Experience with contract negotiations
    • Experience with lead generation and prospecting
    • Thrives in a collaborative environment and where he is encouraged to succeed. 
    • Understands the importance of fostering solid relationships for customers to trust and in turn make a sale and continue to build and maintain those relationships with his customers
    • Hungry to learn from the ground up and is looking for an opportunity where he can make it his career!
  • Marilyn - Career Development and Training Specialist

    • Positive and upbeat attitude!
    • Brings experience in training, development of educational modules and diversity
    • Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science
    • Assisted students ages 18-24 to determine long term career goals and coached on interview skills, resume writing, etc…
    • Attended college fairs and high schools to spread word of the programs
    • Edited technical and educational materials
    • Responsible for creating and managing reports including customer survey results
    • Software Skills: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook, Publisher, Access, Sharepoint), Adobe Photoshop, Prezi, Survey Monkey, and Doodle
    • Tri-Lingual: English, Spanish and Italian
    • Looking for a hands-on role with an organization that helps further professional development and promotes diversity
  • Valerie - Customer Service / Benefits Administration

    • Really enjoys interacting with customers and team members
    • Managed and updated team on discrepancies
    • Maintained reporting tools related to benefits, HR carriers, employee relations and customer service
    • Ensured the employees and companies confidential information was correct in benefits portal prior to submission
    • Ensured compliance of all benefit programs prior to implementation release of portal
    • Maintained consistency through her work 
    • Proficient in MS Office, Excel, and Windows
    • Life, Accident & Health Insurance License 
    • Looking for a new role that offers customer/client interaction and team collaboration
  • Mickey - C-Level Leader

    • Commercial sales experience in both international/national
    • Significant experience with business growth and sales with highly complex products
    • Mentored growing business/teams
    • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
    • Looking for a new opportunity where he can make a positive impact with a company
  • Tanya - National Field Business Director

    • Great energy and personality!
    • Leader who thrives off from working with people and being a problem-solver
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Built and Oversaw National and Regional teams
    • Experienced with inventory management/project management
    • Experience working cross-functionally
    • Experience pulling and creating data, creating reports
    • Reviewed data analytics to see how they can take an idea from concept and bring it to fruition
    • Experience with QA, Tableau, Microsoft Word, Outlook, SQL
    • Looking for an opportunity to showcase her skill set and assist in making a significant impact
  • Susan - Global Leader & Strategic Planner

    • Very polished and energetic!
    • C-Level Global Leader with in-depth strategic planning and development experience
    • A wealth of experience building and leading teams in various markets
    • Helped companies build their strategic growth initiatives
    • Identified ways to improve business revenue while reducing operational costs
    • Understands how consumer experience influences business
    • Experience with data analytics, integration, market trends and identifying ways to improve and grow markets
    • Mapped out ways to improve and work with key stakeholders to spur growth
    • Worked with various vendors, trade marketing and eCommerce
  • Bryton - Inventory/Logistics Coordinator

    • Friendly with a smile to remember!
    • Highly responsive and very professional communication skills
    • Customer service and data related background
    • Strength and familiarity in multiple aspects of the retail environment, from the back-end logistics organization and analysis to the front-end customer experience.
    • Strong data entry having used an Order Management System to perform budget analysis and inventory audits
    • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design
    • Created attractive data presentations
    • Ready for his next challenge that allows for expansion and growth. He is sure to make a positive impact on his new team
  • Joseph - Marketing Professional

    • Joseph is an energetic and polished with strong conversational skills.
    • Bachelor of Arts, English & Photography
    • Background in Marketing and Project Management
    • Skilled in content creation, public relations, social media marketing, videography and photography
    • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office Suite
    • Very creative, enjoys photography and creating content
    • Experience managing an $80K marketing budget and increasing social media followers by 500% in two years
    • Actively seeking new opportunities in the marketing space
  • Holly - Logistics / Production Planner

    • Polished, professional and brings a wealth of leadership and logistics knowledge after serving 5-years in the Navy and 7-years in the Airforce
    • Airforce deployment in Kuwait 2018-2019
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Took initiative to deplete a cargo backlog by 95% - Won an award for her accomplishment last year!
    • Familiar with the supervising and training of six to ten personnel
    • Skills in organizing cargo and inventory for loading
    • Experience troubleshooting technical/electrical calibration on ships and planes
    • Primarily worked with cargo and calibration in a military environment
    • Loyal and brings longevity in her previous and current roles
    • Takes initiative and works well in a team environment
    • Active in her community would be a strong representative of your organization
    • Reputable new addition to any team!

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Izabella Gelder

Recruiting Assistant

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ph 518.689.3140

  • Sector Focus


  • Years of Experience


  • Education/Certification

    BS, Business Administration and Marketing


Izabella joined the Alaant Team in the Summer of 2019 shortly after graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing. Bella brings prior office experience having worked for an oral surgery practice auditing charts, contacting insurance companies, ensuring HIPAA compliance, among other administrative tasks.

In her current role, she provides administrative support to the entire team at Alaant, that includes helping 10 recruiters with candidate flow, scheduling interviews, assisting with references checks, coordinating and ensuring completion of background checks, new hire paperwork and ongoing outreach to our placements and applicants. When you come to our office, she is the first smiling face you will likely see.

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Abby Serfilippi

Abby Serfilippi

Resource Manager

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ph 518.689.0709

  • Sector Focus

    Life Sciences
    Administrative Support
    Customer Service
    Entry Level Information Technology
    Entry Level Engineering

  • Years of Experience

  • Education/Certification

    BA, Environmental Studies


Abby is a Resource Manager who joined Alaant’s team after graduating from Siena College with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2019. Her interest in recruiting and staffing was sparked from the 2 years she spent working in Siena’s Career Center where she assisted students with their resumes, cover letters, and professional development. Being new to the field, Abby is eager to continue learning and excited to be assisting job seekers with finding the right fit for the next step in their career.

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Megan Ermalowicz

Megan Ermalowicz

Talent Acquisition Manager

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ph 518.689.0710

  • Sector Focus

    Human Resources
    Supply Chain
    Customer Service
    Entry Level Information Technology
    Executive Level

  • Years of Experience

  • Education/Certification

    BA, Bachelor of Arts & Communications


Megan comes with over 15 years’ experience in Management, Supply Chain, Human Resource and Customer Service. She joined the Alaant team as a Talent Acquisition Manager hiring talent for leading organizations in the Albany – Capital Region.

Before joining Alaant, Megan was an HR Business Partner for a national retailer and worked in full-cycle recruiting for hourly and executive employees. She assisted in onboarding and strategic development for continued growth. Before her role as an HRBP, she worked as an Operations Manager in various departments running day to day operations managing a team and reporting to Senior Management.

Throughout her time with full-cycle recruiting Megan’s passion for making connections developed. She understands the importance of finding the right fit for both the client and candidate. She truly enjoys networking, building relationships and taking on new challenges. Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts & Communication from the University of Buffalo.

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Accessibility Statement for

Alaant Workforce Solutions is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards.

Measures to support accessibility

Alaant Workforce Solutions takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of

  • Include accessibility as part of our mission statement.
  • Include accessibility throughout our internal policies.
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our staff.

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. is partially conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Partially conformant means that some parts of the content do not fully conform to the accessibility standard.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on

We try to respond to feedback within .

Technical specifications

Accessibility of relies on the following technologies to work with the particular combination of web browser and any assistive technologies or plugins installed on your computer:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These technologies are relied upon for conformance with the accessibility standards used.