Diversity & Inclusion in Recruiting and Staffing


In light of the current national discussion, we are proud to reaffirm our resolute commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business and daily life. We firmly believe that diversity strengthens our workforce and enhances our community; further, it is a critical element in helping employers attract, engage and retain a top-performing team. Read more below about the partnerships Alaant has built to reinforce our mission of creating a diverse and inclusive community and workforce.

We firmly believe that diversity strengthens our workforce and enhances our community.

We strive daily to build bridges into, and relationships with, organizations that represent and showcase the uniqueness of individuals and society: from age, race, gender and religion to socio-economic status, educational background, diverse abilities, sexual orientation, and more.
At Alaant, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is much more than a compliance issue; it’s part of our DNA. We consider it critical to helping employers attract, acquire, engage and retain a high-performing, world-class team.

Below is a sampling of the partnerships we’re engaged in that reinforce our mission of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.
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Alaant Diversity & Inclusion Partnerships

Albany Can Code

We are passionate in our support of this unique program that helps to build our region’s software talent pipeline, with a particular focus on underrepresented socio-economic groups that have the aptitude to work in software but lack local options for training. From scholarships and sponsorships to our own Miriam Dushane’s service as Board Chair, we are all-in on Albany Can Code.

Mission Accomplished
Transition Services

We are delighted to participate in these important programs that help aspiring young professionals prepare for the global economy with access to coaching, job training, and professional development. It is inspiring to give students a helping hand as they find their passion and purpose, gain clarity on their next steps, and build confidence in their ability to transition into higher education, the workforce, and a fruitful life.

New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities

We are proud to have taken the EmployAbility Inclusive Workforce Pledge, which recognizes our commitment “to the spirit of inclusivity by employing qualified individuals with disabilities and providing everyone full opportunities to be our patrons and customers.” This pool of candidates represents a tremendous untapped resource of qualified employees.

Tech Valley High School

We have significant involvement with this novel regional public high school built on the principles of project-based learning and collaboration. This includes participating in the TVHS Business Alliance, which works to ensure a strong linkage and ongoing interaction between the real world of work in an emerging technologies community and the school’s curriculum and activities, and the TVHS Foundation, which solicits financial support, so students have the necessary classroom resources for studies in advanced STEM-focused, project-based education.


We are privileged to support and participate in the mission of the Veterans in Economic Transition Conference (VETCON), which encourages growth through education, entrepreneurship, and employment. In so doing, we strive to increase veteran prospects for independence and self-sufficiency through access to educational resources and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Capital District Women’s Employment
& Resource Center

We are excited to support and sponsor events and activities for this not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s success in the workplace by building their economic and personal independence. We also offer employment expertise to assist the mission of WERC, which has provided quality workforce development services to thousands of women who have lost their source of income due to the death, divorce, separation, disability, or dislocation of a spouse, or who are single mothers.